Sarah TomTom standing in the glow of golden hour in the southern california desert


The offerings available here are a culmination of 15 years (and counting) of study, embodied exploration, performance, teaching, curating and sharing related to sexuality.

Pleasure Practices explores embodied consent, body literacy, grounding, awakening arousal, receiving touch, pleasure rituals, kink, fantasy exploration, and alignment with self and partners through tools & practices for expanding your pleasure (both sexual and nonsexual) without shame.

Offerings include self-paced video courses, recorded replays of workshops, and live classes offered seasonally. All classes are accompanied by workbooks & activities for continued exploration & the opportunity to book one-on-one sessions.

Pleasure Practices are led by Sarah Tomchesson, a queer, magic-making, mom and sexuality educator.


"Sarah is inspirational. Her years of teaching experience shows in her composure and clarity. I teared up taking her class and I have definitely noticed a renewed confidence since." - Robin J.

Accessing pleasure improves our overall wellness, confidence & presence. Pleasure Practices offers heart-opening, embodied & incredibly approachable lessons that educate & inspire: from accessible self-exploration practices to indulgent, sensual experiences. You will find meaningful & accessible ways to incorporate pleasure into your life wherever you are on your pleasure journey!